Thursday, February 26, 2009


Nokia 3120 classic has a two mega pixel camera with LED flash which is not much of a use. It also lacks auto focus feature like any other SE cell phones. So it is inevitable that the pictures taken at room light appear rather gloomy and blurred. Also Nokia uses extra brightness to show pictures, so even though it looks good on the phone; it’s actually dark in the PC.
Normal Light Sample 1
Normal Light Sample 2

But at the bright sunlight outside, it takes somewhat usable pictures. But the colors seem to have less contrast and vividness than any other digital camera.
Bright Light Sample 1
Bright Light Sample 2

The video is quite impressive for a cell phone at mid range. It has the highest resolution of VGA (640*480) with 15fps. The sound recorded is also loud enough. It can pause and record with 8x digital zoom and infinite record length. With 1GB memory card it can record around 60 min. video at high quality. The phone can take up to 8GB Memory but I anything over 4GB might make it slow.
Sample Video

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